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 Welcome to our gallery of travel photos!

Click a link in the table of contents on the left, and then click a small picture to view a larger version of it here.

So far only the colored and underlined categories contain photos. But little by little, they will all be available.

All of the photos shown here have been taken in places that I have either visited or lived in as far back as 1980. All photos were taken with standard 35-mm Nikon or Minolta SLRs until my more recent acquisition of a Contax G2.

I would like to dedicate this photo gallery to the following people:

  • my older brother Guido, who has opened and trained my photographic eye
  • my partner and creative assistant Mari
  • Bryan Peterson, author of "UNDERSTANDING EXPOSURE, How to shoot great photographs", an awesome book and CD-ROM for both beginner and amateur photographers

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